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  1. Dine betalingsmuligheder hos os

    Der kan tankes med DANKORT, VISA/DANKORT, Mastercard, Visa og Visa Electron

    Denne form for betaling benytter 256bit kryptering mellem dig og som Gateway, DK Webcam opbevare ingen kortinformationer eller anden personlig information om kunden i vores datacenter!

    Du kan tanke via direkte Konto til Konto overførsel gennem din egen bank dette sker i samarbejde med den danske gateway Swiipe, 
    Konto til konto er en direkte overførsel og den udføres med det sammel og du har dine penge på din DKW saldo med det samme.

  2. Direkte Konto til konto overførsel

    Du kan tanke via direkte Konto til Konto overførsel gennem din egen bank dette sker i samarbejde med den danske gateway Swiipe, 
    Konto til konto er en direkte overførsel og den udføres med det sammel og du har dine penge på din DKW saldo med det samme.

    Du vælger Swiipe Konto til konto i den almindelige betalingsproces

  3. How much does it cost to chat and to buy shows?

    At DK Webcam, all models set their own price per minute -
    Both in private chat shows, nude chat, voyeur mode and recorded shows
    Prices are found on the model profile and under recorded shows, and will be presented for user in private show, before the show begins or nude chat is started. Prices are approx. between 15 - and 65 - DKK per minute for private chat and nude chat

    Recorded shows can be purchased per minute or as a fixed price for the entire show, models provides price per minute for recorded shows itself, the price is divided on how far the show is and go from
    14.95kr to the 69.95 DKK per occupied private show

  4. Can I track my spendings and where?

    Can I see my purchase history and where?

    You can view your history as well as your account fillings by clicking on the Your Profile and My Transactions point

    If you are logged in, you can also click here to go to your transactions

    Refund Receipt:

    (credit card receipt)

    You receive a receipt receipt when recouping your DKW account.
    Your receipt receipt is therefore not available for transactions such as a receipt, but only by mail.

    You can see your optimizations in list form and therefore still keep track of your spend on your account!

    Purchase with deposits on account: (Purchase receipt)

    You receive a receipt for each purchase you make at a model, see them for each purchase in - My purchase list

    The models do not send an email at each purchase made by them.
    You have access to your receipts in your purchase list, you will find the receipt for your purchase made by the individual model
    You can view the purchase receipt and print it by opening it.

    Add Money to your account - HERE

  5. How payments are made

    Account system

    For purchase of services and products of the individual models (manufacturers) an account system and a technical webcam platform are provided by DK Webcam.
    We have chosen not to use the Credits or Token system as many other webcam pages, but on the other hand, we present all accounts in DKK * by default. It makes it easy, and not least, transparent for our users to see what shows and other services really cost from each model.

    (* DK Webcam can present your balance in DKK, SEK, NOK, EUR and USD as desired)

    Free user profile

    Once you have created a free account * / user profile, a DKW account will automatically be created, which allows you to deposit money if you wish.

    When you think about 200 DKK for your DKW account, only 200 DKK will be deducted from your bank account and you will then have 200 kr available on DK Webcam. Simply free-charge refueling at DK Webcam. You can count money on your account around the clock with either DANKORT or VISA DANKORT

  6. Can i get the remaining money on my account out?

    New User Guarantee !: (New Users)

    You can undo a refueling if you, as a first time buying new customer, do not find the service or the technical platform satisfactory, the requirement is that you must not have consumed any of the optimized amount and you have not previously been created as a user on DK Webcam.

    Except where, after a first refueling and at first purchase with the DKW account, a new user experiences technical errors that may be referred to DK Webcam's operation or platform upon purchase at a model (manufacturer) on the site. (Your profile will be deleted by refund)

    Refund for Recipient Recognition: (not new users)

    It is possible for an administration fee of 50kr to get a refundable amount of more than 200kr, the requirement is that the refueling is done the same day and that you are requesting support by 23:00 the same day! The amount must be intact as only the full amount matching the last refill can be refunded.
    (You can not keep your profile after a refund)

    Refund of balance (not new users)

    For the refund of amounts that are not intact and / or refunding older balances, enter your Name and Address, your bank name, your reg. number and your account number for the support and we will expedite the matter as soon as possible. The requirement is that the balance is over 6 months old and that an administration fee of 50 SEK is paid.
    In addition, your profile must either be deleted by you or disabled by the refund for refund (You can not keep your profile in connection with the refund of the account)

    Refund of modelservices:

    DK Webcam does not sell services or model products to end users and is therefore only involved in any refund of model services if the model contacts DK Webcam and requests this.

    Model / Manufacturer's Rights:

    As the model (the manufacturer) exclusively offers live services, as well as specially manufactured products, the model does not, as a rule, grant a right of withdrawal of model benefits and products, cf. Section 18 of the Consumer Contracts Act. 4th


    Refunds are granted on refunds according to terms.
    The content of recorded and recorded as well as live shows can only be appealed if there are technical errors or defects at the technical platform provided by DK Webcam, which can not be complained of quality of content and / or services unless the content / performance is in violation of Danish law!

  7. How will payments appear on my bank statements?

    DK Webcam ensure anonymity and discreet access to the the erotic world

    Using VISA and VISA Electron will stand DKM and an order number nothing else. Discreet and Anonymous.

    Using MASTERCARD says GTDK and an order number / transaction number

  8. Reciept Information

     What it says on my receipt?
    The statutory receipt you receive via email will be identical to the one you were presented for the at the first purchase

  9. Køb og Brug af DK Gavekort

    Har du modtaget, købt, fået eller vundet et gavekort til DK? Så kan det bruges både hos DK Butik, DK Webcam og i resten af vores skønne DK univers

    Når du har et gavekort kan du skrive til live supporten for indsættelse af dine midler fra kortet. 

  10. Forslå en ny optanknings mulighed til DK Webcam

    Hos os er vi altid åbne for forslag fra brugere og modeller.

    Har du et forslag til en officiel optanknings mulighed vi burde indføre på siden, er vi altid lydhør over for nye muligheder

    Husk en evt. ny optanknings mulighed skal tillade Adult content (voksenindhold/Erotik) og Live streaming

     Du kan sende dit forslag ved at trykke på kontakt herunder!

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