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You've found DKW

Discover Denmark's Largest Erotic Webcam Chat and Playground for Adults.

You've found DKW, Denmark's largest and oldest sex live cam site, and undoubtedly the site with the most Danish, Norwegian and Swedish girls from the erotic webcam chat industry, all gathered on one website.

With DKW, you have the opportunity to chat naughty with the type of sex live cam girl you fantasize about. Our large profile database gives you the biggest chance to find exactly the girl you want to chat with, whenever you need it.

Open 24/7

No matter what time it is, there are almost always girls online chatting on DKW. In short, we are open 24/7, all week, and you are always welcome to drop by and say hello to the cam models. We strive as a platform to motivate and create a desire to be online all day through competitions and online events that the cam models can participate in every month and around the clock.

Free User Profile for You

You can create a user profile completely free of charge and start chatting with the lovely Danish cam models and couples in under 2 minutes. Create a user profile and get started right away. With your user profile, you have access to view all of the models' product photos on their products, such as recorded webcam shows and naughty videos, without any limitations. Your user profile also gives you the ability to stay in the models' chat for as long as you want and read everything that is written. If you want to buy private chats or products from a girl, you must create a user profile and add money to the profile.

Our Goal is Optimal Enjoyment for You

Our mission is to make it easy and simple to find Danish cam models in high quality, and by easy, we mean it should be easy and simple to use the chat. We care a lot about you as a user of the site being able to easily find your way around and thus easily find exactly the content or the girl you want to see when you feel like it.

DKW was the first webcam site in Scandinavia to rewrite its source code from the old Flash player format to the modern and future-proof WebRTC solution you are using now. The latest low-latency WebRTC technology packaged in efficient code and high-quality hardware gives you Danish girls in high live streaming quality. We are also constantly working to improve DKW's technology and features to give you the ultimate best sex live cam experience, now and in the future. We believe that DKW is Danish webcam chat at its best when it's at its best!

Good service and 2400+ happy girls on cam

Coziness and naughty experiences served with a smile, the Danish cam models are very service-minded and enjoy fulfilling your fantasies, and many of them are happy to come online when you have the time and desire for it. Have a chat about your fetishes/desires or just an intimate chat about what you want in your next private show and when you want to schedule it. You can always write a message via the model's profile and schedule a time. We have not only over 2700+ fresh and naughty girls who provide cam chats, but over 90% of them are also Danish, making it easy and simple to be a webcam user and customer. You can write and chat in Danish with the cam models in a relaxed manner, you can find an overview of all Danish cam models on the site here. Beware of imitations, you know us by the loveliest and most accommodating

If you experience any problems, you are always welcome to write to our Live support in the lower right corner.

Scandinavia's Largest camsite

Scandinavia's Largest Webcam Chat DKW is the largest webcam chat in the Nordics with over 2700 Scandinavian, mostly Danish models providing live sex cam services and online videos. Language on the Site and in Chat DKW is translated into Swedish and English from its original Danish language. You can switch languages through the flags at the bottom of the page. All girls on the site write and understand Danish, Swedish, or Norwegian, and all can understand English as a universal language.

You can write to our friendly and service-oriented live support in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, or English, and you will receive a response in Danish or English. Denmark's Oldest and Scandinavia's Largest DKW is Scandinavia's, and Denmark's oldest and most reputable webcam chat site. DKW has existed since 2008, and is almost 14 years old. We hope to continue being your provider for many more years and will always strive to bring you the sexiest girls, best service, and most enjoyable webcam chat in Scandinavia.

Live Sex Cam with Famous Danish & Scandinavian Girls Live sex cam with famous personalities such as Fie Laursen, Denice Klarskov, and Cecilie Harder or other well-known personalities such as Ajay, DirtyDarling, Cady Cloverfield, Amalie Amazing, or Kitty Tenebris. Only on DKW can you find famous and professional models and reality stars on cam. If you have a desire to earn money on Denmark's largest webcam chat platform, you can read more about earning money online here. Create a profile now!



DKW is 100% owned by the company DK Production. DK Production is owned by Danish model (IMDb) Denice Klarskov (Wikipedia) (Instagram), who is therefore the real owner of DKW.

Management and operation.
14 years in the industry Denice Klarskov is fully involved in the daily management, operation, and development of DKW. As CEO, she is also responsible for accounting, sales and marketing, B2B, customer contact, and human resources. DKW was created back in 2008 and is soon celebrating 15 years.

100% Danish-owned and carbon neutral.
DKW is 100% Danish-owned and we do everything we can to keep all services and expenses in Denmark. DK Production's hosting center where DKW is hosted is located in Denmark and powered by pure Danish electricity. DK Production and thus DKW is a CO2-neutral company. The CO2 neutrality is achieved through the ownership of a forest area in Denmark. We care about the environment and climate for a better future and cleaner nature. If you want to protect nature, choose eco-friendly and Danish-owned companies and websites.

Over 2700+ Cam Models

Over 2700+ Danish, Swedish and Norwegian Cam Models All on One Webcam Chat.
By using the DKW service, you'll find the most Scandinavian, and especially Danish, cam models all in one place. All the cam models on the site are unique and independent personalities who work from their own homes and usually reside in their own country. They offer genuine webcam chat or special fetishes according to your desire. Each model has their own limits and fantasies, and it's possible for you to talk to the model about the webcam show you desire through free chat. You can also always message a model through our messaging system, which is free.

What is webcam chat actually?
Webcam chat is the phone sex of the modern age, now with shapes and colors and via live video streaming instead of phone connections. This allows you to have the most realistic chat experience ever, right from your own living room via webcam chat. It's possible to talk to the cam models through our two-way audio function, and you can also show yourself or just your favorite part of yourself through DKW's own webcam feature.

Many of the webcam girls also have a Lovense LUSH, which is a small pink vibrator that the model can have inside her, and you can then control exactly when and how long and how intensely it should vibrate. You can use the LUSH in private chat and naked webcam chat with the webcam girls who own a LUSH. If you find a model you really like and she doesn't have a LUSH yet, you can give her one as a gift through our unique gift shop

What makes the webcam girls from Denmark special?
Scandinavian girls are the best girls in our opinion, and Danish cam models are special. They're sweet, smiling, happy, and accommodating, and they're also very beautiful girls. You can be sure that all the models here are interested in having a fun and exciting experience, just like you probably would like to. Danish cam models aren't here just for the money, which is often the case on foreign webcam chat sites. Although the webcam girls may be here for the money, desire is often the starting point. No one is forced to work on the site or subjected to any requirements for the number of hours online.

The few foreign models (maximum 10%) we have approved on the site are specially selected and subject to requirements for understanding the Danish sense of coziness and approach to being a girl on a Danish/Scandinavian webcam site. They all live up to the type of customer service and quality that you're supposed to experience when you buy private webcam chat here on the site. If, against all expectations, you're not satisfied with something you've experienced, write to our live support and we'll find an explanation and a possible solution :)

The Fine Print
The site is 100% CO2 neutral, follows GDPR, and is approved as a payment surrogate by the Consumer Ombudsman. And of course, all the cam models on the site are over 18 years old and ID age verified. Follow DKW on Facebook or Twitter.