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Terms and conditions

Terms & conditions

Conditions for general use of, DK Webcam
Terms on this page are associated with use of the website DK Webcam as a user.
You accept these terms by using the website and when you create a user profile

Profile and account creation on DK Webcam is 100% free credit card is not necessary to create a user profile, first at refueling or purchases from each model!

What is DK Webcam:
DK Webcam is a Danish webcam service platform which allows for all independent and hobby models / girls / couples that get imaginative and exciting contact with the private visitors hereafter you / you / users / customer

What DK Webcam, provides:
DK Webcam offers a paid service to models that lack a technical platform from which they can conduct their business or hobby on a secure, anonymous, and not least smooth way, this makes DK Webcam, the website where you meet a maximum number of Danish and Scandinavian girls on webcam directly from their own home!

Free chat:

All users have the opportunity to be in free chat without payment, chat must be restarted every 4 minutes until you have created a profile, this is to ensure stability and to minimize the pressure on our servers, Detter is in favor of traders customers and models. (All models have the option to deny access for guests in free chat, guests are those who have not yet created a profile)
Users have created a user, but have not inserted money can watch a free chat for 10 minutes at a time.

Users who have added money on their DKW account has no time limit in free chat:
You can not write with the free chat before the first refueling at least 50 DKK has been made to your DKW account
once you are established and have added money to your account, there is no write or time constraints associated with your use of the site (Note a refill of your account is not a purchase, purchases are made directly from the model)

TIP / "tip"
In free chat, it is not permitted for the model to perform sexual acts and or penetration, however, it is usually possible to tip the model to show all or part of his body. However, you can not expect anything for a tip, if you have not discussed this with the model and got a accpet from the model. (For tips's must model according to DK Webcams terms only show nudity no sexual act.
Nudity ?: example breasts bales or her tools / toys, this is to ensure that persons under 16 are not allowed to live Erotica!)

Payment in chat types - Private Chat and Nude Chat
All paid chat types, each model offers the page start pulling 30 second value after you have agreed to start the chat, the value per second is calculated by the model's price per minute for the selected type of chat, then settled in the rest of the time spent in the selected type of chat per commenced second it means you pay the first 30 seconds ahead and then per commenced second you stay in the selected type of chat.

Note. models' prices are stated in their profiles and also displayed via a pop up which must be accepted before the start of the chat type you want to start

Note to the independent model can provide better customer service, she can check the balance of users participating in all her chat types!

Newsletter and mails:
ATTENTION. we send no spam e-mails you receive only a quarterly newsletter of updates on the site and system messages by creating and or possibly. purchase.
You can actively opt out of the newsletter on the side during the creation and under "Your User Profile" after the establishment!


You can use all these payment options on DK Webcam

Visa MasterCard Danish online payment Nordea Solo

Payment by Credit Card & Debit Cards handled anonymously and securely over an SSL krypterert line.
DK Webcam does not store credit card details and have no access to your credit card information either before, during or after sending to our payment partners NETS, DIBS, DANISH BANK, NORDEA


VISA Mastercard Visa
DANKORT, VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD implemented through Denmark's largest payment gateway / redeem DIBS and NETS, your ganranti for safe online shopping.

By refueling with DANKORT transaction will be made through our payment gateway DIBS using a secure connection and on to NETS and our payment partner where all your data is again encrypted with 256-bit encryption, this means extremely high security for your information when you make a refueling at DK Webcam

Discreet and anonymous for you.
Your purchase to be listed as (DKW "order number") on your statement

Danish Netbetaling and Nordea Solo implemented through Denmark's largest payment gateway DIBS in cooperation with the Danish Bank and Nordea, your ganranti for safe online shopping.

Net payments through the Danish big banks take place easily and conveniently via NemID directly between the bank and you,
This call banks themselves respectively DANISH Netbetaling and NORDEA SOLO

No information kept by DK Webcam and the connection to the bank is secured with 256 bit encryption

Payment Partners:

DIBS -Is a Gateway for payments / transactions and as the largest in Denmark offer great security and ease of use when handling your payments via DK Webcam, DIBS processes all transactions made through DK Webcam
(Ewire sub roof))

NETS -Is Denmark's largest acquirer in the force of DANKORT monopoly

DANISH BANK - Is Denmark's largest bank and DK Webcams pimære bankers, DK Webcam also offers Danish Netbetaling through Danish Bank

NORDEA -Is Denmark's second largest bank and DK Webcams secondary banking connection, DK Webcam Nordea Solo in cooperation with Nordea



There is no VAT on powerups to your DKW account, VAT is calculated first by purchases from each model.
All prices since there is basically indberegnet 25% Danish VAT unless otherwise noted on your receipt

Delivery; of refueling
Available immediately on your DK webcam account completed refueling

DELIVERY model services
Decide with each model and supplied as a starting point with the same (live)

RETURNS refueling
Be granted 14 days to return your refueling on the side as a courtesy, as long as the money is in your DKW Account, after the 14 days, greater amounts payable upon reasonable fee!

RETURNS model benefits
For purchases from each model applies to service ordered services and custom made products no warranty or withdrawal of see. Consumer Contracts § 18 paragraph. 4

If a refund anyway agreed with the model, the model can request DK Webcams administrator to return the purchase to the user DKW Account

Technical accident proven to be drawn to DK Webcam's platform is not exempt from the right of return
You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions or complaints dealing with the technical platform or powerups.

Rules and extended conditions:

1) You must use in Denmark be 16 years old to make use of the services offered through
DK Webcam. (All models using DK Webcam is and must be over 18 years old)

2) You may only use your debit card to add funds to your account DKW, all cheating or fraud or attempt to do so will result in immediate closure and then deleting the user profile and the police under the law of fraud.

3.) ALL Charge Backs / objections against refueling on DK Webcam reported to the police for further investigation unless there is an agreement with DK Webcam otherwise.

4.) Use of the service in ways that could harm DK Webcams brand or reputation across models and or users is strictly prohibited

5) Care must be respect for the independent models on the page, in the event that a models on DK Webcam in any way feel harassed or violated in any way DK Webcam at the invitation investigate the matter and in extreme cases jointly with the model sanction user by closing access to the model's products and or to DK WEBCAM's service in general and thus close its account. in such cases, any balance of the user's account is retained and used to demonstrate a model of any losses in connection with the harassment / violation

All models can throw a user in free chat and block the user from his own chat either temporarily or permanently

6.) DK Webcam is an interactive Internet service provider and therefore all physical contact between the model and the user will be 100% of models and user's own risk DK Webcam disclaims ethvet responsibility by physical contact between model and user We discourage physical contact between the user and model at all takes place, DK Webcam offers no opportunities to come into physical contact and can therefore never be held responsible for this!

7) All models on DK Webcam is independent or hobby models and is not employed by DK Webcam. The quality of the live audio / video depends on the model's webcam, internet connection and is not DKWebcams responsibility, it is always possible to see and hear the quality of each model in free chat in private chat is initiated, therefore received complaints about the picture or audio quality from user no support.

8.) Username and password must not be transferred to third parties. You are using the full responsibility for persons under 16 not admitted to the username and password for your account on DK Webcam.

9) It is not permitted to advertise or otherwise promote your or someone else's business or hobby
on DK Webcam as a customer, DK Webcam does not offer promotional products to users, only DK Webcams customers (models) can buy ad space on the site! This means you as a user on the page should not advertise jobs, other services (including SKYPE, SNAP CHAT, MSN, GTalk, etc.) or livelihood including IRL experiences or services performed on platforms other than DK Webcam (including MOBILEPAY, SWIPP, ewire , etc)

It is therefore under no circumstances allowed either in writing or speaking to advertise or provide contact to other websites, services, products or similar breach of this or other conditions on the side will ultimately result in legal action and or related claims. Dkwebcam does not offer ad services towards users and there is therefore likely to undue ads on DK Webcam and cause significant damages of not less 150.000kr.

10) Harassment, defamation, publication of private information and something similar is of course strictly forbidden on DK Webcams platform and will result in the blockage without the possibility of payment of any balance due.
Particularly serious cases will be reported to the police in cooperation with the affected model!

11) Privacy Policy: Any information you provide to be treated with discretion. The information is used internally only, and we do everything we can to protect and conceal your data - for example through the use of encryption and firewalls. We guarantee you that we never sell, rent or lend personal information to others.

All written texts, chat, and the like on DK Webcam can be monitored by dkwebcam's administrators and will be used in a possible case of abuse of DK Webcam or any harassment of and against models.

For more information bla. of the payment of the remaining balance by account deletion
Please see the point in using

Company information:

DK Webcam - Owned and operated by

Firma oplysninger:  

DK Webcam - Ejet og drevet af Denice Klarskov 

DK Production  - Langdyssevej 1  DK-4750   Lundby  

Cvr: 28007981   

Telefon +45 7474 3000
No Support on phone! Use the LIVE support



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