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Terms & conditions

Terms & conditions.

- For The general use of this website

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All conditions on this website are conditions associated with the use of this site and services hereafter referred to as DKW.
You accept these conditions by using the site and by creating a user profile
Profile and account creation on DKW is 100% free.

What is DKW:
DKW is a service platform that enables all self-employed and hobby models/women/couples, interactive contact with private visitors, hereinafter referred to as you/you/users/customer

What DKW offers:
DKW offers a paid service for content providers, a technical platform from which content providers can run their business or hobby in a safe, anonymous and secure way.
All users have the option to stay in free chat without payment, however the chat will have to be restarted every 4 minutes until you have created a profile, this is to ensure stability and to minimize the pressure on our servers for the benefit of trading customers and models .

Users who have created a free user but have not topped up can view a free chat for 10 minutes at a time.
The individual models have the option of denying access to unregistered users in their free chat
Users who have topped up their DKW account have no time limit in free chat:
You cannot write in free chat until the first top-up of at least DKK 50 has been made to your DKW account. Once you have been created and have topped up money on your account, there are no restrictions associated with your further use of the site 
(Note that a top-up is not a purchase, purchases are made directly with the model)

Tip Buttons.
In free chat, it is not allowed for the model to perform sexual acts and or penetration, however it is usually possible to tip the model to show off all or parts of her body if the model clearly agrees to this. (For tips, according to DKW's terms, the model must only show the same as, for example, a page 9 girl must show in Ekstra bladet, e.g. breasts or her tools/toys.. It is therefore not allowed to encourage the model to show more than that .respect for the applicable regulations must be shown at all times.

Payment in chat types - Private chat and Nude chat
You pay for the first 30 seconds in advance and then per started second you stay in the selected chat type
All paid chat types that the individual model offers on the page, start by deducting a value of 30 seconds after you have agreed to start the chat, the value per second is calculated according to the model's minute prices for the selected type of chat, then the rest of the time spent in the selected chat type per started second. .

The models prices are stated in their profiles and are also displayed via a pop up message that must be accepted before starting the chat type you want to start

Note that in order for the independent model to provide better customer service, she can see the balance of the users who participate in all her chat types.

Newsletter and emails:

ATTENTION We do not send spam e-mails, you only receive a quarterly newsletter about updates to the page and system messages when creating and or possibly purchase. You can actively opt out of the newsletter on the page during creation and under Your Profile in the menu after creation!


You can use several different payment options at DKW

Mastercard, Mastercard Debit/Maestro, VISA, Visa Electron and of course Dankort

All top-ups take place anonymously and securely over an encrypted SSL line.

DKW does not store credit card information and does not have access to your credit card information either before, during or after sending to our payment partners

All payments are made via the Danish payment gateway QUICKPAY and NETS (On Dankort) This is your guarantee for secure online shopping and good rights.

Discreet and anonymous for you. When you top up, your bank statement will show us as DK Betaling


Payment partners:
QUICKPAY - Is a so-called gateway for payments/transactions and can offer great security and ease of use when handling your payments via DKW, QUICKPAY processes all transactions made via DKW.

There is no VAT on top-ups to your DKW account, VAT is only calculated when purchasing the individual model.
In all prices on the page, Danish VAT is included, unless otherwise stated on your receipt.
DELIVERY of refuelling
Delivered immediately to your DKW account when refueling is complete
DELIVERY of model services
Agreed with the individual model and delivered as a starting point immediately or by agreement.

RIGHT OF RETURN for refuelling

A limited 14-day right of return is granted on your top-up on the site (you for access to functions when top-up). As an extra service as long as the money is in your DKW Account, after the 14 days larger amounts can be paid out for an appropriate fee! See the section "all about payment" under support!

Note: If you use the option to chat after the first top-up, the first top-up cannot be refunded. (The right of return is void according to Danish law)

RIGHT OF RETURN in relation to model services

For purchases from the individual model, it applies that for ordered services and custom-made products, there is no guarantee or right of withdrawal or refund, cf. Consumer Agreements Act § 18 subsection 4. If a refund is nevertheless agreed with the model, the model can request DKW's administrator to return the purchase to the user's DKW account

Technical accidents which can be proven to be attributable to DKW's platform are not exempt from the right of return.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions or a complaint regarding the technical platform or refueling.

Terms of behaviour and Extended Terms:

1.) You confirm that you are at least 18 years of age or the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction from which you are accessing the Website and that you are fully able and competent to enter into the terms, conditions, obligations, confirmations, representations and warranties , which are listed in these Terms of Service. If you are under the age of 18 or the applicable legal age, you should not use the website. You also represent that the jurisdiction from which you access the Site does not prohibit the receipt or display of sexually explicit content. Regardless of whether you are registered or a registered user, we may require you to provide us and/or our third-party age verification service providers with information that will help us determine that you are over the legal age required to access to the site and view its content. For more information on how this information is processed, please read our privacy policy

(All content providers who use DKW are also age verified and are over 18)

2.) You may only use your own payment card to top up money on your DKW account, any cheating or fraud or attempts to do so will immediately result in the closure and subsequent deletion of the user profile and a police report in accordance with the law on fraud.

3.) ALL unlawful objections to refueling at DKW are reported to the police for further investigation, unless an agreement has been made with DKW to the contrary in connection with any misunderstandings. If we nevertheless find something suspicious about the transaction, we reserve the right to report this to the police or the relevant authority, regardless of agreement.

4.) Use of the service in ways that may damage DKW's brand or reputation towards models, business partners or suppliers and or users is strictly prohibited

5.) Respect must be shown to the independent models on the site, in the event that a model on DKW in any way feels harassed or violated in any way, DKW will investigate the matter upon request and, in extreme cases, together with the model, sanction the user by to close access to the relevant model's products and or to DKW's service in general and thus close the person's account. In such cases, a possible balance on the user's account is withheld and used to reimburse a model for any losses related to the harassment/infringement

All models can kick a user out of the free chat and block the user from their own chat either temporarily or permanently

6.) DKW is a provider of digital interactive services and therefore all physical contact between the model and the user is 100% prohibited.

DKW does not offer any kind of services or products that allow physical contact between users and the independent models and can therefore never be held responsible for any violations of the rules.

7.) All models at DKW are independent or hobby models and are not employed by DKW. The quality of audio/video depends on the model's equipment, internet connection and is not DKW's responsibility, it is always possible to see and hear the quality of the individual model in free chat before private chat begins, therefore complaints about image or audio quality from users are not received via live support. However, we are happy to offer technical help and try to correct any problems with the user.

8.) Username and password may not be transferred to third parties.

As a user, you are fully responsible for ensuring that minors do not have access to the username and password for your account at DKW.

Usernames must not contain names of services such as Snapchat, Instagram etc. see point 9 for more examples of services. Your User is private and must not be used by anyone other than yourself.

9) It is not permitted to mention, refer, convey or otherwise advertise your or others' business/service/hobby on DKW as a customer or model, DKW does not offer advertising products to users.

Only DKW customers (the models) can buy advertising space on the site! This means that you, as a user of the page, may not advertise, advertise or convey work or other services.

(including services such as SKYPE, TIKTOK, SNAPCHAT, FACEBOOK, Google chat ONLYFANS, WHATSAPP, INSTAGRAM, TINDER, or other communication or social platform etc.) or earning opportunities including IRL (Physical meetings) experiences, inquiries or services performed on platforms other than DKW . (including CASH, BANK, APPLE PAY, BITCOINS and the like) All contact and payment to DKW Models takes place exclusively via DKW.

It is therefore not permitted under any circumstances either in writing or speech to advertise/mention or convey contact for other websites, social media, services, services, products or the like, All speech, publicity and talk about IRL (meetings in reality/ off the page ) is strictly prohibited, all breaches of this or other conditions on the site will be prosecuted and, in the extreme, result in legal proceedings and/or associated compensation claims.

DKW does not provide advertising services to users

It must therefore be assumed that unlawful advertisements on DKW can lead to a significant claim for damages of between DKK 10,000 - DKK 150,000. In the case of particularly serious violations, the demand may be higher.

9.1) When creating a DKW user profile, you undertake to read this point in our FAQ - Point RULES AND Point HARASSMENT

10.) Harassment, breach of rules, libel, as well as publication of private information or the like, are strictly prohibited on DKW's platform and may result in the blocking without the possibility of payment of any compensation. residual amount, particularly serious cases will be reported to the police in cooperation with the affected model!

11) We reserve the right to reject customers who do not respect the site's rules and concept. Any remaining balance will be paid unless point 10 has come into effect.

All written text, chat and the like on the page can be seen by DKW's administrators and will be used in any case of abuse of DKW or, for example, harassment by and against models or in the event of, for example, a breach of our terms.

For more information, amongst other information, about payment of remaining balance when deleting an account, please see the section under help

12.) Privacy policy: All information you provide to DKW is treated with discretion. The information is only used internally, and we do everything we can to protect and keep your data confidential - including through the use of encryption and firewalls. We guarantee you that we never sell, rent or lend personal information to others. We do not use your information for advertising purposes or other advertising. Your information (Username+Email) can be deleted by contacting support. Chat log and payment history are retained as a backup for a minimum of 5 years due to regulations on harassment etc.

13.) Theft of video, text graphics or sound is strictly prohibited and a breach of DKW's trademark and rights

Breach of DK Production / DKW's rights will be reported and prosecuted for compensation claims. It is in no way permitted to record, clip, steal, download, replicate, copy or otherwise share images, video, text or other content from DKW. This also applies between private persons.
You may not take photos of the site and share them in any way.

General Behavior - Simplified!

- There must not be children or young people under the age of eighteen (18) online via your profile.

Herein, "Minor material" applies, real or simulated, e.g. sex with dolls that look like minors.
No incest must occur - No real or simulated incestuous (blood relationship) acts are permitted.
Note: fictional fantasies, "step-family" / "in-law relationships" are also not allowed. No incest-like relationship in either text or image is allowed at all.

- You must not have sex with any species of animal online via your profile.

- There must be no sex without consent of any kind

- There must not be content with or in relation to poisoning, anesthesia or the like

- There must be no Death Porno material of any kind.

- Necrophilia must not occur, including Sex or sexual intercourse with sleeping persons, real or simulated

-There must not be excessive consumption of alcohol. Medicines or euphoric drugs in general.*

*This includes everything that would impair consent or judgement, and that could cause danger to yourself or danger or inconvenience to others.

- There must be no handing over to other persons
It is therefore not permitted to display videos, films or images via your chat or your shows and videos.

- There must not be - Sharing of videos, images, chat text or other material obtained from the platform. You may therefore not share images of the chat, user names, model names, images or video of users or models, messages, etc. - In short, you must not share images, videos, chat text or other forms of content.

-General respect must be shown for all rules of use, conditions, policies, etc.
As well as between users and models and you are obliged to report if you find something in these terms and conditions of use not being observed or complied with.

Prostitution is not allowed in any form. 

General behavior, extended

Furthermore, we want to clarify a few important points about the general behavior
These points apply to you as a user when you show your cam and they also apply to the model's content of shows and videos

Everything that is prohibited according to Danish law is of course prohibited at DKW. It is important that you read these terms and conditions of use thoroughly and that you make sure you understand every written word and wording used in them. If you have any doubts about our rules of use, we encourage you to contact our live support for clarification. A non-exhaustive list of prohibited subjects can be found below. Our Zero Tolerance policy applies to the points.

Zero tolerance - explained.

We consider any violation of our age- and propriety-related policies to be zero-tolerance violations. Which means that whoever violates these will be removed and permanently banned from our network from the first violation.

Company information:

DK Webcam - Owned and operated by

DK Production  - Langdyssevej 1  DK-4750   Lundby  

Cvr: 28007981   

Phone +45 7474 3000
No Support on phone! Use the LIVE support



Last update on our Terms 12 September 2022 - Danish Terms Translated to English: 30-01-2023